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Abraham Salomon


Junior Specialist

+256-777-921-327 (Uganda)


B.S. Community and Regional Development, 2010, University of California, Davis

Research Projects

1) Promoting Fruit and Vegetable Production to Improve Nutrition in Nkokonjeru, Uganda

This project will facilitate the organization and strengthening of small holder farmer groups in the Nkokonjeru region of Uganda by providing technical training in fruit and vegetable management and improving farmers’ access to simple and innovative production technologies. The specific project objectives are:

i) Increase vegetable and fruit production through farmer field schools and strengthen farmers' access to local and regional markets for vegetables and fruits;

ii) Strengthen local farmer group structure and capacity of local partners to support farmer groups;

iii) Increase participation of women in agricultural activities (research, education, outreach) in Nkokonjeru township and Mukono; and iv) Enhance institutional capacity in agriculture at Uganda Christian University (UCU) and promote research and education exchange among UC Davis, UCU and other collaborating institutions.

Project activities are:

i) Expand local nursery to serve as information center and source for fruit and vegetable production;

ii) Use farmer field schools to train farmers and strengthen farmer groups;

iii) provide research experience and outreach training to UCU students;

iv) engage in participatory research of disruptive technologies within the farmer group framework;

v) build capacity of RASD to support farmers through improved communication and institutional organization


2) Increasing the Capacity of Smallholder Farmers to Produce and Market Vegetable Crops in Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo

Although the growing market for horticultural products in Uganda offers an opportunity for smallholder farmers to improve their income, their access to these markets is still limited. This project will develop a participatory extension model to rapidly improve smallholder linkages to horticultural markets, which will be achieved by merging and supplementing two agricultural development models - Farmer Field Schools (FFS) with the Participatory Market Chain Approach (PMCA). We will work with Farmer Groups established in our pilot project in Nkokonjeru, Uganda and evaluate the potential of our adapted FFS methodology to a pilot community in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Specific objectives are to strengthen farmer groups’ capacity to produce indigenous leafy green vegetables and tomatoes for the market and improve farmers’ ability to use their farm as an income generating asset. Research in small plots and on farmers’ fields of economically appropriate soil fertility management technologies, including micro-dosing, improved varieties, irrigation, and safe pesticide use, will help identify ways to increase vegetable yields and quality. Curriculum enhancement with a local university (Uganda Christian) and Uganda’s primary agricultural university (Makerere), as well as with governmental and NGO agricultural extension, will strengthen the region’s capacity to carry out and sustain research and extension activities for horticultural crops.

Research Interests

My research interests revolve around evaluating processes designed to enhance the livelihoods of smallholder agriculturalists. Specific topics include integrating smallholders into market chain development, increasing land management practices that conserve fertility and natural resources, input/output markets for remote and/or difficult to reach populations, financial services and education for small farmers, participatory development of rural services, capacity building of farmer associations, and others….

Awesome classes new students must take

These were my favorites based upon my interests. They will not apply to everyone, but if your interests mirror mine, these are the classes to take at UC Davis.

-ECN/ARE 115a – Economic Development: (Dr. Travis Lybbert)

-D-Lab I & II – Design, Development, and Dissemination Lab (Dr. Kurt Kornbluth)

-PLS 110a – Introduction to Agronomy (Dr. Jeffrey Miller)

-PLS 150 – Sustainability and Agroecosystem Management (Dr. Johan Six)

-CRD 140 - Dynamics of Regional Development (Dr. Martin Kenney)