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Charlie Paradis

charles_paradisGraduate Student


BA Geology, UC Berkeley, 2007

MS Hydrology, UC Davis, 2013

Research Project

The Accelerated Natural Sulfate Reduction (ANSR) project is focused on utilizing in-situ sulfate-rich groundwater to enhance biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons in groundwater via recirculating well pairs by increasing the rate at which electron acceptors (sulfate) and donors (BTEX) mix. This project has involved considerable efforts of site characterization of former service station sites to assess the feasibility of ANSR by focusing on the physical, chemical, and microbiological factors conducive to enhanced natural attenuation. These factors include hydraulic conductivity, geochemistry, and microbial functional gene analysis. The feasibility of ANSR has been assessed at the field-scale and is currently being tested experimentally at the laboratory-scale via anaerobic batch microcosms using site sediments and groundwater amended with various cocktails of benzene, toluene, sulfate, nitrate, and phosphate. Results of the laboratory experiment combined with the field-scale characterization will help guide in-situ experimentation which is the forefront of the ANSR project.

Research Interests

Field and laboratory testing of hypotheses related to biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons, fuel oxygenates, and ethanol blended fuels in the subsurface. Application and evaluation of stable isotope fractionation as a tool to investigate contaminants in the environment. Development of novel field scale methods and devices to enhance site characterization of groundwater systems.


Wood working, motorcycling, weight training.