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Lauren Pincus

Lauren PincusGraduate Student

3310 Plant and Environmental Sciences


M.S. International Agricultural Development, UC Davis (2007-2010)
B.S. Biology, Brandeis University (1999-2003)

Research Projects

Integrated soil fertility management in East Africa

I am currently exploring the combined use of organic and inorganic sources of fertility to increase yields of an indigenous leafy vegetable in Uganda. Previous experiments in East Africa have shown that degraded soils show more response to the combined sources of fertility than they do to either one used individually. I will be looking at how yield and agronomic efficiency change with respect to the ratio of organic to inorganic material and how this interacts with different soil types.

Participatory action research

I am also interested in how farmers receive this new technology so will additionally be conducting participatory activities to include interested farmers in the research process. I will see if participatory trials are a valid method for farmers to learn about soil fertility management.

Research Interests

I am interested in how research can involve farmers in finding innovative solutions to their problems while promoting environmental awareness. Improving soil fertility conservation throughout sub-Saharan Africa can lead to increased yields, improved ecosystem services, and eventually more food security for smallholder farmers.