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Priyashiela Singh



Research Projects

Microbial diversity in differently managed agricultural systems

I’m currently using GeoChip (a microarray based on functional genes) data to look at the microbial diversity and organic, conventional, no input, and uncropped systems at Russell Ranch in Davis, CA. Future projects will also use metagenomic sequencing and phyllochip (a microarray based on the 16S gene) to understand the types of organisms present. Traditional measurements of soil properties, denitrification activity, nitrification activity, and respiration along with sequence and microarray data will be used to understand differences in nutrient sequencing in these different cropping systems.

Effects of biosolid application on microbial diversity

The use of biosolids in agriculture is increasing, yet little is known about the effects of biosolids on soil microbes. I would like to use GeoChip data to understand differences in functional diversity when biosolids are applied to different cropping systems.

Research Interests

Generally, I’m interested in how microbial functional diversity influences nutrient cycling in agricultural systems. Currently, little work has been conducted using metagenomics on agricultural systems. Additionally, due to the lack of sequence information for many soil microbes, metagenomic data is very hard to interpret. I like the idea of combining traditional process measurements, soil property data, and more cutting-edge techniques like metagenomic sequencing to gain understand how soil microbes are changing soil environment for plants.