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Radomir Schmidt

rad_schmidtPost-doctoral Researcher

3314 Plant and Environmental Sciences


PhD, University of Queensland, Australia, 2001

Research Projects

Primary focus of my current research is the functional study of MTBE degradation by Methylibium petroleiphylum strain PM1. Approaches include in-vivo enzyme kinetics, targeted mutagenesis, gene expression, and promoter studies. Promising target genes are selected on the basis of whole genome and whole proteome comparative analysis as well as data obtained from high-density expression arrays. Past research has included genome mining and annotation work as part of a team working on the completed sequence of the M. petroleiphilum PM1 genome. Second major area of research is in bioremediation – and involves quantitative PCR analysis of environmental samples from MTBE contaminated sites as well as field project study of bioremediation of Selenium contaminated irrigation wastewater through algae mediated Selenium volatilization and brine shrimp harvest.

Research Interests

Bacterial genetics, plasmid vector construction, bioremediation

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