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Reef Holland

reef_hollandGraduate Student in Microbiology


BS in Biology, San Francisco State University, 2007

Research Projects

1. Gene Cloning and Quantitative analysis of the gene MTBE monooxygenase (mdpA) of Methylibilum petroleiphilum PM1 from environmental water samples.

2. Creation of the Clone library

This project is to determine the diversity mdpA-like genes in MTBE contaminated environmental water samples.  The new sequence data will allow us to create better primer sets and probes for detection of MTBE monooxygenase type genes in the environment.  Which will help further research being done during bioremediation of contaminated MTBE sites.  Development of better primer sets and probes can help to determine when a bioreactor is self-seeding or needs to be inoculated during the onset of bioremediation treatment.  The diversity of mdpA-like genes can be used to determine the uniqueness of the MdpA enzyme in PM1 and the evolution of mdpA gene in PM1.

3. Quantifications of mdpA in environmental samples

Quantification and comparison between cell number using 16s gene in PM1 and copy number of mdpA gene.  This will determine the activity of the MTBE degradation pathway during biodegradation at field sites.  The results of this experiment can be used to determine the course of action for MTBE contaminated field sites.  Such as determining if the bioreactors are receiving enough aeration and have enough bacteria to degrade the contamination at the site.  

4. Development of nanoparticle-based DNA assay for degradation genes in environmental water sample.