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Research Projects and Collaborations

Project Title
Principal Investigator Lab members

Transport, biodegradation, and bioremediation of fuel additives in
groundwater ecosystems

Selenium remediation at Red Rock Ranch (Coalinga, California)
  • Jim Cooper
  • John Deiner

 Russell Ranch Long Term Sustainable Agriculture Research Facility

  •  Kate Scow (Director)
  • Martin Burger
  • Will Horwath
  • Wendy Silk
  • Matt Dumlao
  • Rachael Long 
  • Johan Six
  • Tom Tomich

Production and Marketing of Vegetables by Smallholder Farmers in Uganda
  • Johan Six
  • Heidi Ballard
  • Steve Boucher
  • Mark Van Horn
  • Dennis Yiga (NAADS)
  • Peter Ebanyet (Makerere University)
  • Prossy Isubikalu (Makerere University)
  • Michael Masanza (Uganda Christian University)
  • Peter Lusembo (National Agricultural Research Organization)

Microbial Ecology of Agricultural Soils
  1. Biodiversity of soil communities under different agricultural management systems 
  2. Microbial ecology of N2O production in agricultural soils
  3. Impact of biosolids and co-contaminants on microbial processes
  4. Impact of drought on plant-microbe interactions
  5. Impact of biochar on microbial processes, water relations, and nutrient uptake