Scow Soil Microbial Ecology Lab

"Let the wild ruckus begin" with our first Scow Lab blog

(thanks dear Maurice Sendak; gone now: "oh please don't go--we'll eat you up--we love you so").

Where are these wild things? Need you ask?

Soil provides, and is provided for by, an immense--not as immensely large as immensely interconnected--web of abundant life. Actually... large is not that far off given the acreages of single fungal clones, toppling the charismatic ocean whale as prize holders for size.

There is so much to wonder and to share about soil and its invisible and sometimes forgotten inhabitants, who they are and what they do. When and where--scale really matters. Why perhaps too? Squinting hard at sequences and potentials, we humans try bravely to go forth, despite soil's overwhelming complexity and disdain for our imperfect tools (where only fools dare to tread?).

So with our blog, lets see what we can learn and contribute, and help figure out how to build better relations with soil and its life. Everyone will benefit.