Scow Soil Microbial Ecology Lab


Principles of Soil Science (SSC 100)

Soil as part of natural and managed ecosystems and landscapes. Solid, liquid, and gas phases and their interactions in the soil. Water, gas and heat movement in soil. Soil biology. Plant nutrient acquisition and use. Soil development, management and use.

Co-taught with Dr. Randal Southard

Fall Quarter, 5 units

Soil Microbiology (SSC 111)

Major groups of microorganisms in soil, their interrelationships, and their responses to environmental variables. Role of microorganisms in cycling of nutrients. Plant-microbe relationships. Transformations of organic and inorganic pollutants.

Winter Quarter, 4 units

Project Planning and Evaluation (IAD 203)

Interdisciplinary setting for application of student skills and specialization to a “real world” development project. Focus on team-building and effective interdisciplinary problem-solving methods, with the objective of producing a project document and presentation within a specified deadline.

Winter Quarter, 4 units